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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions!

We understand the need of time. Business is getting competitive in India. Corporate Advisory, Compliances, Accounting, Taxation and Legal Services are becoming a cost burden in this competitive scenario. We wish to help you in your journey. Our experienced professionals are serving quality services at a very competitive pricing. Personal interaction, our critical abilities to deal with complex scenarios and our understanding towards the procedures required to be followed give us an edge over other service providers.


Further, all the Government licenses and permissions are granted online. Accounting and taxation are done online. If you can avail all the services hassle-free, why would you trouble yourself. Just trust the experts and your job would be taken care of.

Business Administration Services ranging from setting up a business to winding up services.


We offer compliance services, accounting, auditing, IT filing, GST filing, legal drafting and also one various one time business services that may arise in your business in regard to legal and accounting matters.


You can buy services online on one time basis, or you can subscribe to our monthly, quarterly or annual plans, whichever suits you.

  • Structure Your Business – Incorporation Services in regard to LLP, One Person Company, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Section 8 Company, Producer Company Limited, Nidhi Limited Company, Non Banking Financial Company, SEBI registered entities, etc.
  • Licenses / Registrations – Registration & Licensing Services in regard to Start Up India License, Trademark, MSME, PAN, TAN, Profession Tax, Digital Signature, Import Export Code Number, FSSAI License, ESIC, EPF, etc.   
  • Accounts / Audit / Taxation – Book keeping, Accounting, GST, Income Tax Filing, Auditing, Internal Financial Controls, etc.  
  • Legal Drafting and Compliances – Annual Compulsory Compliances of Companies and LLPs and Compliances beyond Annual Compliances and Closure of Companies & LLPs, etc.  
  • Corporate Transactions – Fund Raising through preferential issue basis or rights issue basis, Issue of Convertible Notes, Issue of ESOP Services, Buyback of Securities, ESOP, Fast Track Merger, etc. 
  • Straight Up Fee specified for One Time Services
  • 10 Minute Online Consultation free with an experienced professional. Nominal fee charges for One Time Consultation on Consult Us beyond 10 Minutes. After consultation, we can offer you a Service Offering Document giving in detail service offering along with costing and timeline.
  • Cumulative 35+ years of experienced professionals (CA + CS + MBA + Lawyers) on board to discuss the specific critical issues faced by your business.
  • Quality work efficiently delivered at the best possible pricing.

How to engage us?

Services are listed in detail under the following Main Menu Heads of the website:  

Structure Your Business

Licenses / Registrations

Accounts / Audit / Tax 

Compliances & Legal Drafting 

Corporate Transactions


You can avail our specific services by clicking on the links provided.


For more critical issues, you can consult us and we would offer you a customised service as per your requirement.

  • You need to book a call with us for the specific service by clicking on Consult Us button.
  • We would schedule a call within 24 hours i.e., within 1 business day.
  • We would hear your concern and share our opinion over the first call.
  • If you decide to go ahead with us, we would share an email along with a Service Offering Document describing your requirements, our service deliverables along with the timeline and costing.
  • We have experienced professionals on Board, who are ready to commit time to listen to your concerns and work ahead along with the team in your specific matters. In Metro City, even if you travel and meet some experienced professionals, you would spend half a day in traffic and also would spend somewhere between Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1,000/- on travelling from one place to another. And in case of non-metro Cities, it is difficult to reach out to the experienced professionals.
  • Our Expert Professionals are charging Rs, 1,000/- for Half an Hour Consultation beyond 10 Minutes. In return, we would advise you about the procedure feasible for your concerns and also would develop a Service Offering Document giving you in detail service deliverables along with the timeline and costing. 
  • It’s a Win-Win for you and for us as well.


  • For one-time payment services, we will start the work within 48 hours after you avail our services listed on the portal by making online payment.
  • For consultation availed, we will start the work within 48 hours after you make the payment of the fee as specified on the Service Offering Document.
  • After a first call, we would need 2 business days to share a Service Offering Document (an executional plan) setting a complete set of processes starting from scope of work to the well defined timeline and costing.
  • Why so ? Coz we value you!! We have to put in a lot of time and effort in identifying the specific concerns. Then, we arrive at the best possible procedural execution plan along with the pricing that suits your business requirement.


  • We intend to provide quality service at an efficient pricing. Pricing of the services offered for a specific service is listed online under each service head.
  • However, pricing offered after Consultation on Service Offering Document would depend upon the criticality of each matter and also on the number of hours required to be put in by each one of our team members on specific matters, which ultimately also depends upon the size of your Organisation and your exclusive requirement.

Certain Services offered herein are all inclusive (inclusive of statutory fees and our professional fees). However, we have specified exclusion of statutory fees and reimbursements on the services.
In certain cases, late filing fee in case of taxation / compliance filing may be involved due to delay from your end or due to any other reason. In such cases, we would mention the same while executing the services.
Where One Time Service Fee links are not provided, that means you need to Consult Us. After consultation, we will provide you the details of the fee involved under the Service Offering Document.
In case there are late filing fee or penalty fee involved, we will serve the receipts of all the payments done from our end in regard to the same.

  • For one time service availed, you can pay through Net Banking or through credit or debit card. 
  • For consultation availed, we will share a Service Offering Document as per your requirement. Once you accept the Service Offering Document by paying an advance amount mentioned on the Service Offering Document.

Work Execution

We will constantly be in touch with you over email, telephone or video calls, whenever required, once you engage our services.

We intend to serve you very professionally and we will start working on the assignments within 48 hours of the payment received. Our Associate will be in touch with you constantly to update you in regard to the progress of the work.

In case services are availed through personal consultation, the work will be executed as per the timeline defined in the Service Offering Document. Our Associate will be in touch with you constantly to update you in regard to the progress of the work.

For one time service availed, we will send you a checklist of documents as required by us. You will send us those documents on email or via post, whichever way suits you.

For consultation availed, we will send you the checklist of documents required, after you pay us an advance towards acceptance of the Service Offering Document on your email id. Thereafter, you can email us the documents.